Composing in the Wilderness Alaska


I am absolutely delighted to be going on this amazing adventure into the arctic next week with Composing in the Wilderness. Held in conjunction with the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival and orchestrated by composer-adventurer Stephen Lias, this programme takes seven composers selected from a competitive pool of applicants into the arctic wild to begin work on a new piece of music for Corvus Ensemble. The resulting piece will be premiered at Federal Hall in New York on the 16th of November, so I'm also extremely excited for that as well! You can find more information on the website below:


I am of course extremely grateful to the New Zealand School of Music and Victoria University of Wellington for their help in making this possible. I am especially lucky to have been given financial assistance by Joan Mattingley and Charles Cameron Trust Travel Award, The Susan Rhind Award, and the Freemasons Lankhuyzen/Whetu-Kairangi Music Award. This is a great opportunity and I'll keep you all up to date as it goes!

I'll be completely off the grid, so away from the internet and other trappings of civilisation. But If you want to keep track of my progress in the wild our location will be broadcast here: https://share.garmin.com/citw